Last June we went to Cappadocia, a place we should have visited long ago considering we live in Turkey. We arrived on a Friday and returned on Sunday because we all had to go back to work on Monday. We landed at Kayseri Airport and rented a car there. We thought it would be both cheaper since we are 4 and we would be more free to visit wherever we want. Since it was around 8 pm by the time we landed, we drove straight to the hotel in Göreme. 

We already made our reservations at Phocas Cave Suites, so when we arrived at the hotel, everything was ready. We chose to stay at cave rooms, because they just looked so great.

We loved everything at the hotel, everyone was super nice and helpful. So I definitely recommend if you are ever in Cappadocia.

Since it was a bed and breakfast, we had our breakfast at the hotel and started to drive around. We visited pottery and ceramics shops in Avanos, Fairy Chimneys Valley, Göreme Open Air Museum, Wish Hill (Temenni Tepesi) Devrent Valley and Ihlara Valley. Enjoy the photos!

Avanos Suspension Bridge (Asma Köprü)

Devrent Valley

Wish Hill (Temenni Tepesi)

We were either going to take a hot air balloon ride or go on an ATV ride. For the balloon rides, we were told that the foreigners have to pay more and in Euros and of course we didn’t want to be a part of the inequality (my husband would have to pay more just because he is a foreigner). So, we decided to watch the balloons float on air at first and then take an ATV ride instead. We didn’t have to go far to watch the balloons, because we had the perfect view from where our hotel was located.

Ihlara Valley (below)

Üçhisar (below)


We enjoyed every minute of it. Cappadocia is even prettier than its photos! No wonder why it’s a World Heritage Site!

Let me know if you have ever been to Cappadocia or if you are planning on going!