Some of us are constantly trying to creating good content for our social media channels and let’s face it: getting good shots or just simply posing for photos might be really hard sometimes. I personally haven’t mastered it yet, and I believe it is something that really takes time unless you were born to be a model. However, there are certain things that can actually improve a photo and your pose, so here are my tips and tricks to improve your photo game.

1. The Background

Anywhere can be a photo venue if you use your imagination and look for the right angle.

I am personally not a fan of the photos, half of which shows the sky (and it is often White depending on the exposure or simply the weather). I like the photos with a textured background, that’s why I make sure that there are objects or just buildings behind me.

For example, the photo below was taken across from a construction site. The frame of the building actually adds color and texture to this photo and doesn’t look weird since it is blurred (yay for 50 mm).

Even the weirdest backgrounds can actually look pretty cool with the right edit/presets. So don’t be afraid to pose in front of random buildings.

2. Get some movement/action in the photo

This is one thing that totally improved my photo game. The photos look much more alive if you can catch the movement while posing. It could be a simple hair flip, a skirt twirl or a jump.

If your boyfriend/husband/friend is taking your photos, it might be hard to catch the right frame. (You won’t have this problem with a professional photographer) That’s why if you are using an iPhone to take photos, I suggest you use the Burst Mode. If you are using a DSLR camera, try learning about the shutter speed rather than keeping it simple on Auto Mode.


3. Have a go-to pose.

This is helpful if you are on the go and don’t actually have the time to arrange everything. Found a beautiful venue but can’t find a pose that goes well with the background? Strike your go-to pose and go for it. That way you will both have a safe photo with a nice pose and won’t be missing the opportunity.

4. Hold props.

Props are a game changer. I struggled for a long time just standing in front of the camera and didn’t know what to do with my hands/arms/legs even. Holding a prop will make it less awkward, especially if you aren’t super comfortable with posing just yet.

5. Play with depth of field.

Hold a colorful object in front of your lens and focus on you. That adds depth, color and texture to the photo and will definitely improve your feed’s look. It could be a yellow leaf, petals of a flower, even just some grass! You’ll be surprised by the way it will change the whole frame!

7. Don’t expect it to be perfect at the first try.

We never get the perfect shot at the first try. Just move around, try multiple poses and once you find something that you actually like, try the same thing over and over to perfect it.

These are the methods that work for me and I hope you’ll try some of them and see how it actually makes a difference! Let me know if you have any other ideas you would like to share!