During the 9 months that my husband and I had a long distance relationship, we would try to find new ways to share things and spend time together. When a friend of mine, who is currently in an LDR asked me what they can do to spend time other than just calling each other, I thought I could write this post and maybe it would be helpful for the other LDRs out there.

I know nothing can ever replace the time you spend next to each other cuddling and an LDR is even painful at times, but there might be some ways to minimize the awfulness of the distance.

Although it isn’t great to have a screen cutting through when you see your significant other, you can always Facetime/have video calls on Skype/WhatsApp. That’s the first thing on the list that makes the LDR bearable. We would try to have a video call every night. That’s also a way to include your s/o in whatever you are doing. You can just turn on your camera and leave it on and continue what you are doing. We would study or work like that together and it never felt alone. It was so easy to reach each other and just share things instantly.  

Another thing you can do, if you are a romantic person, is to send each other long midnight texts. It is an amazing feeling to wake up and see a long romantic text on your phone from your s/o who is probably miles away from you at that time. It does fill you with this warm and fuzzy feeling, because at least you know that his/her heart is with you.

Try preparing each other care packages/gift boxes. That was one of my favorite things to do! Both sending and receiving a care package are great! While preparing the package, you actually think about what your s/o would like and I believe it does help you feel better!

Play online games! We loved it! We used to play pool, QuizUp, DrawSomething etc. and it was so fun! So you get to do something fun AND do it with your s/o without being have to in the same place!

Open when…” letters! I loved preparing those! I would try to think of certain situations and just write a letter for that, so that when he would in that situation he could open the letter and feel like I’m there.

Movie nights on Skype! That was another favorite of mine. You could just start a movie at the same time and watch it together with your cameras on. That way you get to see and talk to each other during the movie, which is a fun way of spending time together. You can do the same thing with books as well. You can just read either the same book or different books at the same time!

Try sending each other random voice messages. You may not be able to call each other constantly, but nothing stops you from sending voice messages! That way, your s/o can hear your voice whenever s/hewants, and you get to share things as soon as they happen!

You can try to do “How well do you know each other?” tests. Since the foundation of your LDR will be love, trust and “communication”, you can try to spice up the communication part with fun tests. It is also a great way to get to know each other on a deeper level!

These are the things that we did together to make the distance feel shorter and now when we look back, we do feel proud and remember these times smiling. Feel free to share if you have any other ideas!