I think it is always fun to learn a little more about people, so I thought I could share some random facts about me. Here is the list:

1. I majored in Translation&Interpreting in English&German and I hated the German part of it. I mean, I didn’t have anything against it until one of my professors made me hate it. I swear he gave me panic attacks. And I had the opportunity to go to Munich as an exchange student, but I refused to go (there were many reasons behind it, but German language was one).

Now I am married to a German man, whom I met in Turkey. We go to Germany every year to visit his parents and I speak German with his family. As it turns out, it wasn’t the language that I hated, it was the professor.

2. I have the soul of an old lady. As much as I love doing fun things, I just love a night in. I can’t handle nightclubs- it is too loud for me. I can’t drink a lot- I will get sick easily. If I stayed out long, I will stay home the next few days to rest. I will always choose having quality time at home over going out for a party. So yes, deep down, I am an old lady.

3. I am super clumsy. I haven’t realized that until my husband pointed it out, but well, we have been living in our current apartment for over 2 months now, and I still hit my head on the same cupboard door in the kitchen.

4. My name means “sea” in Turkish. And I do think that my name reflects me. I have many moods just like the sea.

5. I used to think that my eyes would turn green if I would eat enough green olives. I didn’t make that up. My grandmother told me so. And when an old and wise woman tells you so, as a 5 year old, you obviously believe it. I have eaten a lot of olives. My eyes are still brown. Sad.

6. I am definitely not a fan of clowns- and no I haven’t watched the movie It until I was 24. By watching, I mean “closing my eyes every time It comes on”. I am not phobic, but I wouldn’t mind changing my direction if I have seen a clown on the face. There is something wrong with that fake smile. Seriously.

7. I started taking photos when I was 13 with a film camera. I loved photographing people. With digital cameras, my passion for photography has only grown more. I would take photos of everything and there are gigabytes of photo folders on my computer that doesn’t have a single photo of me. As I realized that, I thought maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing if there would be some more photos of me. And here we are.

8. I love pets way too much that I am not allowed to adopt a pet because when they are gone I am devastated. Seriously, I mourn for months and it just isn’t normal. So my parents and husband won’t allow me to adopt a pet. As much as it is annoying, I think they just don’t want to see me sad and that’s okay.

9. I was a gamer for 4 years. I was playing an online game, and oh my God, there were times I would play for 8 hours straight. Since it was an online game, I was constantly talking to other people, so I still don’t see it as a waste. It helped me improve my English a lot and kept me away from meaningless friendships and weird parties.

10. I sometimes feel like I’m shadowing my sister. We both studied English language in high school, we went to the same university, studied the same thing (our professors often called me by my sister’s name), and now we are working at the same company, only in different cities. She is 5 years older than me, and I hope she is okay with having a little almost-a-copycat-sister.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.